Zoom The Spring Feasts Activity Book - Ages 6-12

The Spring Feasts Activity Book - Ages 6-12

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Yeshua celebrated the Feasts…so let’s teach our children to do the same! You’ll LOVE teaching your children about the Spring Feasts with The Spring Feasts Activity Book – a wonderful resource to help kids ages 6-12 learn about Yah’s Appointed Times in a fun and creative way. This Activity Book can be used to fill a Bible interactive notebook or as standalone activities. Includes 124 pages of puzzles, worksheets, coloring pages, creating writing and drawing activities, crafts and more! The perfect resource to keep on hand for Sabbath and Sunday School teachers, and homeschooling

Very little teacher prep needed. Just print the activity sheets and go! View the Preview for a closer look or download your FREE sample of The Spring Feasts Activity Book below.

The Spring Feasts Activity Book includes:
* Three Spring Feast sections in pdf format (8.5” x 11”), including the Passover and Unleavened Bread, Feast of First Fruits, and Feast of Shavu’ot (Pentecost)
* Detailed scripture references for easy Bible verse look-up
* Original Bible Pathway Adventures’ illustrations
* An answer key for parents and teachers
* PLUS 10 x Ten Plagues activity worksheets

BONUS: The Risen King illustrated Bible story you can download for free

What’s Inside?
The Passover & Feast of Unleavened Bread
Introduction: The Passover & Feast of Unleavened Bread
Bible quiz: The Ten Plagues
Map activity: Where is Egypt?
Worksheet: Ten Plagues of Egypt
Bible craft: Make a paper frog
Worksheet: I Spy!
Bible crossword: The Passover
Comprehension worksheet: The Passover meal
Bible word search: Unleavened Bread
Worksheet: What’s the Word?
Coloring page: Preparing for the Passover
Bible craft: Make a paper plate lamb
Worksheet: Learn to draw a sheep
Coloring page: The Passover
Worksheet: What do you eat for the Passover meal?
Worksheet: Unleavened Bread
Worksheet: The Exodus
Fact sheet: Unleavened Bread
Recipe: Let’s Make Matzah!
Let’s Learn Hebrew: Feast of Unleavened Bread
Complete the picture: Yeshua’s last meal
Coloring page: The last meal
Worksheet: Pieces of Silver
Labyrinth: Before the Sanhedrin
Bible activity: Garden of Gethsemane
Coloring worksheet: Yeshua before Pilate
Bible quiz: The Passover & Feast of Unleavened Bread
Worksheet: Garden of Gethsemane
Bible quiz: Death on the stake
Coloring worksheet: Crucifixion
Comprehension worksheet: The Temple
Worksheet: The Passover
Let’s Write: The crucifixion
Worksheet: Who said it?
Bible verse copywork: The Passover lamb

Feast of First Fruits
Introduction: Feast of First Fruits
Worksheet: What’s the Word?
Coloring page: Feast of First Fruits
Bible crossword: The cross and empty tomb
Coloring page: The temple
Coloring page: The High Priest
Bible activity: What goes inside the temple?
Worksheet: First Fruits offering
Let’s Learn Hebrew: Bikkurim
Worksheet: First Fruits
Comprehension worksheet: Golgotha discovered?
Bible verse copywork: Feast of First Fruits
Bible quiz: The Resurrection
Bible word search: The Resurrection
Coloring worksheet: First Fruits
Finish the picture: He is Risen!
Bible craft: Make a paper plate tomb
Crack the code: The resurrection
Worksheet: Disciple facts
Comprehension worksheet: The Romans
Question ’n color: The guard’s report
Worksheet: What is a disciple?
Bible quiz: The twelve disciples
Worksheet: Yeshua has risen!
Worksheet: The Jerusalem News
Alphabet challenge
Comprehension worksheet: Who was Pontus Pilate?

Day of Pentecost (Shavu’ot)
Introduction: Shavu’ot
Coloring page: Ten Commandments
Bible quiz: The Ten Commandments
Bible activity: Dress like an Israelite
Let’s learn Hebrew: Shavu’ot
Bible craft: Ten Commandments
Question ’n color: Mount Sinai
Comprehension worksheet: Mount Sinai
Coloring page: Twelve tribes of Israel
Bible quiz: Shavu’ot
Worksheet What’s the Word?
Worksheet: Shavu’ot
Bible activity: Shavu’ot in Jerusalem
Worksheet: The Israelites
Labyrinth: Pilgrimage to Jerusalem
Worksheet: My Travel Diary
Bible crossword: Shavu’ot
Coloring page: A mighty wind
Worksheet: The Holy Spirit
Worksheet: The Jerusalem News
Map activity: Twelve tribes of Israel
Coloring worksheet: Peter
Bible word search: Shavu’ot
Bible word scramble: How many people were baptized (mikvah’d)?
Worksheet: Let’s learn about Shavu’ot
Bible craft: Appointed Time mobile

The Spring Feasts Activity Book - Ages 6-12

$9.99 Regular price $12.99


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