The Best Kids Bible Show... Hands Down!!

During early childhood, kids really can learn relevant Bible truths.  Its all in the way its explained.

“The Kids Bible Show” has amazing and fun episodes on  Austin, the creator and Josiah, his right hand go on a Bible adventure and unravel the treasures of the Bible! The goal of Austin and Josiah was to make sure God's message was spread to the four corners of the earth! and that the content was FUN!  Kids need to see that the Bible story can apply to everyday situations.  Want to teach your child how to share, be kind & obedient, respect their elders and be an all around good kid, then “The Kids Bible Show” is for you.

Every journey has a starting point, and watching “The Kids Bible Show” is a perfect place for preschoolers and early elementary-school-age kids to begin their lifelong walk with God. This engaging series captures the hearts of kids through characters they love and situations they can relate to. With sound biblical teaching, a foundation of faith and truth is set. While each episode stands alone as a valuable lesson for kids, the series works as a whole to help them form a firm spiritual foundation.

You’re struggles are finally over! First, subscribe to “The Kids Bible Show”.  Second, have your kids ready to watch a short show on the many stories in the Bible. 

Here are some of the episodes! We hope you enjoy it as much as we have! Link below! Don't forget to subscribe and like!  Stay tuned for a LOT more to come!!!

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Story of Creation  *******    ********

Adam & Eve ********* ***********


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