Noah's Ark For Kids!

Our best seller! Who’s best seller? Well Yah’s Manna™ best seller!  Noah’s Ark tableware set for children!  Hands down!  A question I do ponder though is do people love the story OR just love the rainbow of colors with the animals?  Do you know why Noah had to build the ark?  Who was Noah?  All great questions that I’m sure your children have.  Lets dive into it and understand the story better!

Noah was a very good man and walked with God.  Noah had 3 sons; Shem, Ham and Japeth.  Noah lived in a dark time, a time when people had turned away from God. People were worshipping false gods and doing their own thing. It all made God very sad. So God decided he needed to hit the reset button. He made a plan to clean up the Earth, and he chose Noah to help him. God spoke to Noah and said I will destroy the earth because the earth is filled with bad people.  God told Noah, make a big ark and bring all your sons and your family on the boat.  Also, bring 2 of every unclean animal and 7 of every clean animal with you into the ark.  I wonder why the specifics in these numbers for the animals.  Do you know why?  Take food so that you can feed everyone.  God then flooded the earth and wiped everything away.  It rained for 40 days and 40 nights.  Noah knew it was ok to leave the ark once the dove came back to him with an olive leaf.  God was satisfied with Noah.

Genesis 8:31 Then God said in his heart, "I will never again curse the ground for man's sake."

What stands out to me is that God was upset and not pleased with the people.  That is why Noah had to create the ark and destroy the land.  God wasn't just promising this new, never before seen thing called rain; he was promising a flood. The whole Earth would be covered with water, and all life on Earth would die - except for the few people and animals on the ark! Once again, no one had ever seen a flood, so no one could imagine such a thing happening.

The good news though is that God put His rainbow in the sky (Genesis 9). He put the rainbow as a reminder that he would never again destroy the earth by water again.  May this be a reminder of following the Fathers command to love one another and most importantly, loving him.  But the question is, “How do we love him?” Stick around for another post to come out on that!  

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