Kids Bible Trivia Anyone?

Kids love games, even those with which they learn something. The episodes of Bible trivia questions for kids work for all ages, especially those that are eager & familiar with the Bible and/or those with little or no Bible knowledge.  What were trying to say is its for EVERYONE!

Test your Bible knowledge with the selection of Bible trivia questions and answers that Austin and Josiah will showcase on “The Kids Bible Show”! Many of the questions lend themselves to providing further trivia questions. For example, you could use the first question to ask, “What happened on the fifth day? On the fourth day?” and so on. The second question, leads to asking the names of Adam’s other two sons. Thus, you have an almost a full set of questions in addition to what you hear on “The Kids Bible Show”.

Did I mention kids love trivia games and this one is not only fun, but tests their Old & New Testament Biblical knowledge. These questions can be used with your kids, icebreakers for bible study groups and even in school!  If you find the questions to hard for your children, simply change our questions into true or false bible questions. No need to recreate the content, just modify to make it easier for your loved ones!

Be interactive with those learning bible trivia.  Make the kids do silly things; make the acts memorable and most of all put the Father first in everything you do.  Easy enough right? 

I’ll let you in on a little secret…If you subscribe to “The Kids Bible Show” and like their page, just let us know and we will give you a discount on our products! Collect all 10 sets of Yah’s Manna Bible plates for children.


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