How to Teach Your Child About the Bible?

Teaching our children the Bible doesn't have to be overly complicated. Honestly, the most important thing is to be consistent and intentional. Use items that will engage your child, that they won't get tired of and something they will enjoy using to help teach them about the Bible.  The Bible is a big book — a rich text conveying God’s message of hope for the world through various historical contexts and literary styles.

In Matthew 4:4, Christ says, “It is written, ‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.”  You feed your kids every day, so frame Bible reading in that context. What better way than to use Yah’s Manna™ tableware.  Yah’s Manna™ tableware has 10 classic bible stories; each carefully and thoughtfully designed.  Each bowl depicts the whole story using pictures placed in chronological order that your child can imagine and use to understand the story in its entirety.  As an added bonus, each set also comes with a food-grade silicone placemat that shares the story that your child OR you can read out loud.  Once your child is done, they can color in the picture on the placemat using a dry-erase marker.  How fun is that?

Another way to teach the Bible to your children is learning a Bible verse at the end of any activity. This will help them remember the Bible and its meaning in their life better. Know the verse well; memorize it yourself, print the letters in large clear letters, or print on a poster board if you're instructing more than a couple of children. Explain the verse and use childlike terms. Walk the children through the verse in a fun way. Tie it to the lesson. Teach it to them through motions (if possible) voice inflection, and or song. Say the verse to the children over and over. Use a variety of changes- whispering, loud voice, exaggerated motions, repeat after you.

Lastly, As a parent, it is up to us to teach and help our children grow in their faith. One of the best ways to start this young is to get them a biblically based bible. This helps them connect with God, learn about the word, and start to connect with the stories of the Bible.  Remember this is the Word of God. This is the best gift you can give the children!



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