Benefits of Bamboo Plates?

We love Bamboo! Do you? We hope this post will help inform you about the many benefits of bamboo kids plates and give you a bit of inspiration to help you make the switch to sustainable tableware.  As parents, not only do we need to ask ‘what’s on my child’s plate’, but also ‘what’s my child’s plate made out of?

Bamboo plates for kids are the perfect excuse to ditch plastic and choose safer eco-friendly alternatives.  There’s a surge of interest in bamboo plates for kids which makes sense.  Here's why!

1. Bamboo is much more durable than paper.

2. Bamboo tableware is eco-friendly thus it is biodegradable.

3. There are no harmful chemicals used to create bamboo tableware.

4. Bamboo tableware has a classy and charming character, thus you can use it in either a casual party setting or an upscale high end restaurant.

5. Bamboo is lightweight, yet, heavy duty so it tends to hold up better than paper tableware. 

Studies have shown the effects of toxic plastic chemicals in dinnerware for kids lately such as hormone disruption, decreased attention span, and hyperactivity is only the tip of the iceberg…But, bamboo toddler and children plates are a safer and sustainable alternative. You can boost health AND reduce pollution.  And when it comes to kitchen tools, or cutlery for kids, or feeding utensils for babies, bamboo offers natural, safe, and well-made products, and the assurance that these products are safe in the home, and good for the environment too.  It is for this reason, Yah’s Manna™ created a perfect solution to toss plastic and have the safest flatware for kids.

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